Lyric Essays

“Elementary Primer” features in A Harp in the Stars: An Anthology of Lyric Essays, edited by Randon Billings Noble and published by the University of Nebraska Press.

“In the Forginning” is in Issue 48.2 (Spring/Summer 2020) of Cold Mountain Review.

“My Bitter Beer Face” is up at the museum of americana in Issue 22 (Fall 2020).

“What We Take from the Anne Frank House” features in Issue 25 (Spring 2020) of Superstition Review.

“Matilda the Trail Fairy” is published in Issue 49 (Spring 2020) of storySouth.

“The Night After Newtown” appears in Issue 23 (Fall 2019) of Waccamaw: A Journal of Contemporary Literature.

“South Padre Island: A Crash Course in Fatherhood and Patriarchy” appears in the fall 2018 edition of Scalawag


Also in this issue of Scalawag is a must-read series of Latinx poetry from the U.S. South, “This Work Will Take Dancing,” introduced by Suzi F. Garcia.

“Rappalachia 911” appears in issue 8 (Fall 2019) of HeartWood Literary Magazine.

“Self-Interrogations” appears in the Small House Pamphlet Series, Volume 1, May 2020, edited by Lindsay Turner and Walt Hunter. Please consider donating to one of mutual aid organizations listed in the pamphlet.

“Grrrl Dad” is an IHLR News Flash (April 2020) at Iron Horse Literary Review.

“Mountainsickness” won the annual nonfiction contest for 2017 at Still: The Journal. The essay is a companion to my book Urbilly, introduced here by Sarah Einstein. Also at Still (Winter 2019) are three poems.